Tired of the typical stuffy and uncomfortable anti-aging day spa?
Then you have come
to the right place.

The Laser Lounge Spa Fort Myers – Daniels offers clients the highest quality of day spa services and care at below industry costs. The Laser Lounge Spa staff is dedicated to helping clients reach aesthetic goals and ensuring they are given proper care and guidance throughout the entire process.

Otto and Joann Medinilla
Owners – The Laser Lounge Spa,  Fort Myers

Otto and Joann Medinilla are the Owners of the Laser Lounge Spa location in the Norman Love Shopping Plaza on Lindbergh Boulevard in Fort Myers.  Otto comes with over 21 years of medical experience, including 19 years in the Emergency Room (ER).  In addition to his experience in the ER, Otto has also worked in neurosurgery and primary care.

Otto met Jonathan Sigg,  Founder of The Laser Lounge Spa, while working together in the emergency department at Cape Coral Hospital. During that time, they developed a mutual respect and vision for The Laser Lounge Spa and its growth in Southwest Florida.

Joann, Otto’s wife, has been a teacher for 17 years, and is presently teaching middle school at SFCA and is excited for what the future holds. “I’m very excited for my husband; this is a step of faith and a chance to succeed at something new,” says Joann. “Otto is a devoted businessman and loving husband and father. He is highly committed to building the business and is detailed oriented and goal driven. His artistic side will serve him well as he strives to help his clients achieve the youthful appearance that we all desire,” she adds.

Otto and Joann grew up in Delaware and have two teenage children. When they’re not working, they enjoy spending quality time with the family.

Otto is looking forward to making clients feel better about themselves by helping them to look more vibrant, rested and younger. “By helping clients to like what they see when they look in the mirror, I am boosting their confidence and overall attitude. That is my goal here.”